We have a passion to share some seriously delicious little known gems of authentic Mexican food.

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Steamy Tamales

A light corn based 'dumpling' cooked in a corn husk filled with moist chicken or sweet potato, smothered in a choice of tomatillo, salsa roja or molé. Served up with garlic butter rice and frijoles. Gluten free! and vegan option available.

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crispy flautas

Corn tortillas filled, rolled and deep fried. Served up with homemade dips - tomatillo salsa and guacamole, with fresh lettuce, sour cream and creamy crumbly cheese. Gluten free! and vegan option available



Tender beef, bacon, peppers, garlic, onion, chilli cooked up on the grill, melted cheese, coriander, splashed with lime. Served up with garlic buttered rice and spicy salsa roja.